Gardner Denver

Founded on the intentions of providing the globe with an array of highly efficient and energy-cautious engineered solutions for the industrial world of mechanics, Gardner Denver has committed to over 150 years worth of production and execution. Focusing on highly engineered compressors and machinery, Gardner Denver has mastered solutions for air and vacuum pumps, air filtration systems, compressors and more.

Gardner Denver

Who They Are

With the consumer in mind, the Gardner Denver team is composed of motivated go-getters plunging into the world of machinery with the customer service and integrity at the forefront. By creating an engineering brand with an environmentally aware approach, they continue to deliver on their core values.

Steadfast Integrity

Honesty, responsibility, and follow through are highly valued intentions the Gardner Denver brand stands behind. Allowing trust and authenticity to create a solid backbone, Gardner Denver vows to “do what’s right, even when it’s not easy.”

Customer Focus

With a world of consumers and brands in disconnect, Gardner Denver makes sure their customer always comes first and stays connected, invested and in tune to all the consumers’ needs and improvements. Before, during and after the sale, the customer can be comfortable and assured that they will be vigilantly tended to by the team.

Global Teamwork

Globalization is the vanguard of increased development and production of technology, especially innovation in the engineering industry. With that in mind, Gardner Denver makes sure to create an open-door policy, allowing business and co-creation to occur whether that is from their neighborhood or across the pond. Respect and sensitivity to all cultural norms is a way to continue creative collaboration and growth.

Creative Thinking

Engineer designing and production takes a keen sense of creativity. Thinking outside of the box, with innovation as a motivating factor, is something Gardner Denver takes into account when executing each and every automation machine and solution. Through extensive research and implementation, the team has been able to provide constantly improving, fresh ideas and creative services to their consumer for over a century.

Bias for Action

The way to get things done, are to do them. That’s the value Gardner Denver drives home for any customer and partner. Proper research and analysis hold high priority but the team knows when it’s time to put down the pen and paper and simply take the bull by the horns. Execution is key.


Through the experience with a variety of industrial automation solutions and products, Gardner Denver has also developed vital preventative maintenance products, which ensure extended functionality within your machines. Maintaining high quality workwear is key for any successful project. It will allow the life of your machinery to extended, saving the headache of repairs and/or replacement of systems.

Filtration is highly recommended while working with any industrial machine.It adds longevity to your air and hydraulics equipment. The Gardner Denver oil filter will prevent micro-contaminants such as dust, water vapor, etc. from making home in your automation products and quickly filterating the machine.

Continuing with solutions to keep your machines ticking, Gardner Denver provides an oil-water separator. As you are aware, with air compressors producing continuous water there needs to be imminent discharge of excess moisture for the compressor to run properly and will also set you up for proper discharge of any contaminated water from your air and hydraulic machine. Equipped for 24 hour, consistent and durable operation the compressor separator will provide the machine-care you need.

In the Chattanooga area? Stop by our shop to see the variety of Gardner Denver air and hydraulic equipment. If that’s too much of a hike, [shop all Gardner Denver products here!

High-performance engines need piston rings in order to prevent loss of gases and other variables through the combustion chamber. Through a back and forth motion, the piston ring creates a movable guard during the force of the combustion process within your machine. Because the the piston rings are thermal conductive the piston creates the ability to transfer heat to the cylinder all and will therefore control the machine’s oil consumption.

By adding a multitude of Gardner Denver tools to your machinery repertoire, you will provide support for your existing products and increase productivity within its lifespan.

Try pairing the Gardner Denver oil-filter with our hydraulics filtration cart for a convenient and improved way to filter and maintain your automation product!