Maranda’s Takeaways from CPC University: Improving Hydraulic Solutions

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Author: Maranda Hicks, AHE Inside Sales Team

Colder Products Company (CPC) is the leading provider in quick connect and disconnect couplings and fittings for plastic tubing. They believe in pushing their designs forward with ground-breaking ideas and technology. At Air & Hydraulic Equipment, we understand the need for these products and how they can transform our customers experience.

Recently, I took a trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota where I attended Colder Products Company (CPC) University on behalf of our Inside Sales team. I had an amazing experience learning about their products and the different ways they are helping people across multiple industries. Because their solutions are unique, I wanted to share my experience and the information I gathered from the classes.

Innovative Hydraulic System Solutions

As a company, CPC is highly committed to innovation and delivering high-quality products. They produce quick connect and disconnect solutions, precise hose barbs for superior grip, built-in shut off valves for preventing spills, and push-button thumb latches for quick connections and disconnections. Their couplings and fittings are ideal connectors for plastic tubing applications in multiple industries including:

  • Medical
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Chemical handling
  • Liquid cooling of electronics
  • Industrial
  • Printing
  • Food processing

There are thousands of standard product options to choose from plus the ability to customize for your individual needs whether you’re looking for non-valved, dripless, or sterile connections. CPC University dived into their different products offerings and demonstrated the various applications they can be used opening our eyes up to infinite possibilities.

Behind the Scenes at CPC University

As a whole, I was impressed with the way they organized their work and maintained a facility that was clean. The tours included their Technology Development Lab, the Assembly lines, and the North Park where we saw the ‘Clean Room.’ The Clean Room was probably one of the most impressive aspects of the visit. Everyone is dressed in a cleanroom suit to protect the atmosphere to maintain the integrity of the sterile environment. Witnessing their daily procedures to keep the workplace clean was impressive.

In addition to providing us with hands-on education, the staff at CPC took excellent care of us. Our stay included a nice hotel close to the University with transportation to and from classes provided by the company. The trip also included lunch, dinner, and snacks throughout our stay.

For those who are taking the trip to CPC University, make sure you swing by Betty Dangers. The restaurant has excellent food and a  fun atmosphere. There is a Ferris wheel and mini golf there to spend a nice evening with your co-workers! I also took a short trip to the Mall of America which was ginormous and saw the Vikings Stadium. Both of them are a must see!

For more information about the University or to learn more about CPC products, you can contact me at Air & Hydraulic Equipment, Inc. by clicking here!

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