Air and Hydraulic Equipment Inc. partners with the leading suppliers and manufacturers to provide high grade pneumatic components including tubing, fittings, cylinders, valves, manifolds, and much more. We can also troubleshoot, leak test, and repair pneumatic components and systems as well.


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pneumatic_components-ahe-pneumatic-actuatorPneumatic Actuators

Brands Offered: IMI/Norgren, Clippard, Fabco, Camozzi, Firestone (Airmount)

Styles Offered: NFPA Tie-rod Cylinders, Roundline Cylinders (Aluminum, Stainless), Compact/Pancake Cylinders, Rodless Cylinders, ISO Cylinders, Firestone Airmount Actuators, Firestone Airomatic Polyactuators

pneumatic_components-ahe-pneumatic-rotary-actuatorPneumatic Rotary Actuators

Brands Offered: Micromatic, Barrington Automation, IMI Norgren, Fabco

pneumatic_components-ahe-control-valvePneumatic Control Valves 

Brands Offered: IMI Norgren, Clippard, AAA, KIP, Herion, Buschjost, Deltrol

Styles Offered: Directional Control (2, 3, and 4 way), Press Safety Valves, ISO Valves, Solenoid or Manual Control, In-Line or Sub-Plate Configurations

pneumatic_components-ahe-pneumatic-accessory-valvePneumatic Accessory Valves

Brands Offered: IMI Norgren, Deltrol, Clippard, Fabco

Styles Offered: Electrical and Mechanical Lockout Valves, Press Safety Valves, Smooth Start Valves, Shuttle Valves, Velocity Fuses, Needle Valves, Check Valves, Flow Controls, and a complete line of other standard pneumatic components.

pneumatic_components-ahe-misc-pneumatic-compMiscellaneous Pneumatic Components

Brands and Styles Offered: IMI Norgren & Barksdale (Pressure Switches), IMI Norgren & Barrington Automation (Slides and Accessories), IMI Norgren (Mufflers, Silencers, Air/Oil Silencers), Vibco (Vibrators and Air Cannons)

pneumatic_components-ahe-pneumatic-filtrationPneumatic Filtration

Brands Offered: IMI Norgren

Styles Offered: Particle Removal, Bulk Liquid Removal, Oil Removal (Coalescing 0.01 Micrometer), Oil Vapor Removal (Adsorbing 0.001 Micrometer)

pneumatic_components-ahe-pneumatic-regulatorPneumatic Regulators

Brands Offered: IMI Norgren

Styles Offered: Miniature Regulators (1/8” to ¼” NPT), General Purpose Regulators (1/4” to 2” NPT), EP Regulators, IP Regulators, and Proportional Regulators, Remote Pilot Regulated Operators, Specialty Regulators, Cylinder Gas Regulators

pneumatic_components-ahe-pneumatic-lubricatorPneumatic Lubricators

Brands Offered: IMI Norgren

Styles Offered: Miniature and General Purpose Lubricators (1/8” to 2” NPT), MicroFog and OilFog, Stainless Steel Lubricators, MicroFog Machine Bearing Lubricators

pneumatic_components-ahe-combo-frl-assyCombination FRL Assemblies

Brands Offered: IMI Norgren

Styles Offered: 1/8” to 2” NPT, Manual and Electrical Operators Optional, Smooth Start and Directional Valves Optional, MicroFog and OilFog Lubricator Optional, Pressure Switch and Electrical Indicators Optional

pneumatic_components-ahe-pneumatic-fittings-and-tubePneumatic Fittings and Tubing

Brands Offered: IMI Norgren (Pneu-Fit, Fleet-Fit, Function Fittings, Pneumatic Tube), Clippard (Brass and Push Fittings), Anderson Brass (Brass Fittings), Camozzi (Push Fittings), Foster, Colder, and Clippard (Quick Disconnects), Freelin Wade and Nycoil (Pneumatic Tube)

Styles Offered: Numerous Styles, Sizes, Colors, and Compositions offered.

pneumatic_components-ahe-pneumatic-airbags-and-grippersPneumatic Air Bags and Grippers

Brands and Styles Offered: Firestone (Airstroke), Firestone (Air Picker and Air Gripper End Effects)

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