Hydraulic Filter Carts

Contaminated fluids are not a problem with our portable filter cart! There’s no need to dispose or replace industrial fluids just because they have water or particulate contamination. We’ve designed our portable filter cart to be a lightweight yet strong solution to fluid contamination. Users can move the cart to the job site with ease due to the hand-cart design and pneumatic tires. Simply plug the unit in, connect the hoses, and begin cleaning your oil fast and efficiently!

FC1 Hydraulic Filter Cart

Part Number: FC1-10-1HP-115V-F1-F2

Standard Features
Flow up to 10 GPM (38 cu in/min)

1HP Electric Motor (1PH or 3PH) with Vane Pump

Heavy Duty Hand Truck with Pneumatic Tires

Compact Y-Strainer

Clear Flex Hoses with Internal Spiral (10ft)

Dual Filter Heads with By-pass Indicator

Visual Clogging Indicator

Filter Options
Paper Filters

  • PF-10 (1o Micron)
  • PF-25 (25 Micron)

Glass Filters

  • GF-3 (3 Micron)
  • GF-6 (6 Micron)
  • GF-12 (12 Micron)

Wire Mesh

  • WM-144 (144 Micron)

Water Removal

  • WR-10 (Water Removal)

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