Air & Hydraulic Equipment, Inc. Return Policy

Time Frame

Items returned within 30 days of purchase that meet the stated return requirements are eligible for a full refund.

Condition of Returns

Items must be free of evidence of human error. Damage received after shipment of an item is the liability of the customer and not grounds for a return. Warranty claim returns must be accompanied by original packaging. Non-warranty claim returns must be in the original non-opened factory packaging. All electrical items are non-refundable!


All returns must be received within 30 days of purchase and be accompanied by a receipt. Digital receipts are acceptable.

Defective items must be shown to have been defective from the factory. Damage incurred during shipment is an acceptable reason for returns. Any damage incurred after shipment as a result of human error is not an acceptable reason for a return.

Non-defective items can be returned for a full refund after the item is received by the seller and verified to be in working order.

Refund Amount

A defective item’s credit is only issued after a warranty claim has been completed. All returns that meet the above criteria are eligible for a full return of the retail price.


Return postage for all shipped items will be paid by the customer and not eligible for reimbursement from the seller.