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Located in Chattanooga, TN, Air & Hydraulic Equipment is a trusted expert in industrial pressing. We offer a broad range of press designs, from the simple c-frame to more intricate machines with multiple sequences. Our turn-key solutions come complete with top-notch tooling and user-friendly operator interfaces, ensuring your pressing needs are met seamlessly.

Industrial Pressing Portfolio | Chattanooga, TN

We can custom design and engineer an industrial press to fit your needs. We specialize in hydraulic, pneumatic, and air-oil pressing applications.

Thurston Press

Thurston Press

Thurston style hydraulic c-frame press. Commonly used for driveline assembly.

Modern Nunnley Press

Modern Nunnley Press

Isometric view of our modern press with HMI and safety guarding.

Stamping Press

Rubber Stamping, Sheet Stamping, Sheet Cutting, Automotive and Stamping Industry

Bearing Press

Bearing Assembly Press, Bearing Insertion Press, Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing Industry

U-Joint Assembly Press

Driveline Assembly, 1310,1330,1410,1480,SPL‌-250, SPL‌-350 Bearing Press, Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing Industry

Bushing Press

Control Arm Press, Suspension Bushing Press, Automotive Industry

Forming Press

Tube Forming Press, Tube Flaring Press, Sheet Forming Press, Molding Press

Work Holding Press

Assembly Assistance, Compression Assistance

Driveline Component Pressing

We’re the source for driveline component presses. Decades ago Air and Hydraulic pioneered the Stunley and Nunley u-joint presses, which are still widely used in automotive and commercial driveline assembly today. Our newest press is a rendition of the common Thurston press.

Stunnley Press

Stunnley Press

The Stunnley Press is a double joint build press. Bearing caps are pressed simultaneously from the top or bottom. A feeder bowl or magazine loads c-clips to the bottom joint while the operator loads the top clip for pressing.

Modern Nunnley Press

Nunnley Press

The Nunnley press is known for it’s integrity and repeatability. The part is held with pressure from the top while a snap ring is fed concentric with the bearing cap and both the lower cap and ring are pressed together in union.

Thurston Press

Thurston Press

The Thurston Press is our most popular model of joint build presses. The press has the ability to run multiple joint configurations simply by changing two pieces of tooling. Modern improvements include touch screen HMI controls and auto-joint relieving.

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