ITT Enidine Inc.

Taking on innovative approaches since the emergence of the company, ITT Enidine Inc. produces creative advances on fundamental hydraulic and industrial equipment. They consider their products diversified designing and manufacturing complex additions to the industrial and aerospace markets for decades. They have global impact supplying a multitude of countries and locations with the most advanced products for hydraulic and pneumatic actuation and motion control application.


Who They Are

Enidine’s growth and innovation are admirable qualities and on top of that, their equipment is constantly leading the market. They cater to a range of markets including:

  • Industrial
  • Rotor Craft
  • Aviation
  • Defense
  • Automation
  • Infrastructure

Because the company is involved in a variety of markets they hold expert knowledge and vast experience creating a strong foundation and continued success. Enidine never limits themselves or their team of talented engineers. They are always searching for the resolutions to everyday problems on the market tied to the engineered machinery. With each product, they design and create they strive to extend the lifespan of the equipment and improve the overall comfort, convenience, and efficiency. With an increased attentiveness to safety standards and consistent reliability, Enidine delivers the highest quality work to each and every customer.

From the time the company was founded in the mid-‘60s, they set out to custom create effective solutions for those working in the various targeted markets. Their aim was to innovatively grow the fundamental hydraulic, pneumatic and motion control technology and equipment in order to directly resolve any existing setbacks or frustrations. Their team stays up to date and educated on the latest tech booms, equipment discoveries, common irritable factors of existing equipment and more to keep a proactive, relevant and efficient stand in the market. By staying ahead of the trends they are able to satisfy their customers and remain at the top of the list for engineered equipment.

Hydraulic/Pneumatic Automation & Motion Control Equipment

Wire-Rope Isolator

By taking basic hydraulic components like isolators and creating a wire-rope isolator Enidine was able to combat numerous downfalls to the original piece of equipment. This type of isolator can drastically extend the lifetime of your powerful machinery by incorporating high-performance vibration isolation. Because of its tough all-metal design this automation component will provide unwavering vibration absorption within your equipment. In conjunction with a patented crimping pattern, this wire-rope isolator is a crucial piece of engineered equipment that should be incorporated into your machines.

Shock Absorber

Often it seems that in order to increase productivity and have the ability to have a faster operating system there the consequence of a rise in noise level, potential damage to the machinery, and excessive vibration. In response to this common issue, Enidine crafted a vast line of shock absorbers ranging in application. They analyzed the existing models and realized the energy the piece should be absorbing was lacking and wasn’t really solving the problems at hand.

By using higher strength material rather than the typical rubber, the company was able to design an exponentially more effective shock absorber. Their shock absorber safely dissipates energy within the machine which in turn prevents damaging shock loads and reduces the overall noise level. Not only does the baseline of their shock absorbers deliver exceptional work, but they also created a range of adaptable and adjustable shock absorbers.

Rate Control Devices

Stemming from the same idea of reducing noise, absorbing shock and increase the entire productivity of your machines, Enidine produces top-notch rate control devices. More specifically rate control devices maintain the speed or time necessary for a machine to move from one position to another. This component can be found in a variety of engineered applications including pneumatic cylinders, linear slides, and other movement-oriented equipment. The Enidine rate control devices allow not only a longer machine life and increased production quality, but it also helps with a safer machine operation all lending to a higher competitive advantage for your company and equipment.

The team here at Air and Hydraulics Equipment, Inc. strives to continue to bring the best of the hydraulic/pneumatic automation and motion control products to your workshop. Don’t see what you need online? Send us some quick information on what equipment you’re looking for so we can further assist you or feel free to contact and visit any of our five Tennessee locations.