Firestone Industrial

With international recognition and a vast market reach, Firestone Industrial Products is a household name in the industrial world. The company has a lifespan of over four decades and continues to produce innovative products. With loyal customers and unwavering work, Firestone strives to appease their customers through integrity, reliability and high-quality industrial machinery, accessories, and service.

Firestone Industrial Products

Who They Are

The father company Firestone Tire & Rubber Company acquired an industrial plant in Noblesville, Indiana in 1936 and that is where Firestone Industrial Products blossomed. Although it was a risky business move opening a new company in the middle of The Great Depression, the Firestone team proved its perseverance and craftsmanship early on and didn’t slow down or look back. Within two years the company designed, produced and patented an industry first – the Pneumatic Suspension Device, aka the Firestone Airide Air Spring. This spring was the first of many pioneered products Firestone crafted, all while upholding the valued intentions of this American-born company.

The team of talented individuals lead the company through decades of groundbreaking production, milestone accomplishments, and growing success. Although Firestone is proud to produce some of the best-engineered products on the market and help lead others within the industry, their values go beyond well-produced work. The foundation the company stands on encompasses the idea of, “A Better Way to Build the Best” which breaks down to embracing all aspects of being the best company.

This goes beyond just designing and engineering, it’s deeper into the core mission of Firestone Industrial. The three main components of Firestone’s strategy to maintain successful growth and loyal customers goes hand-in-hand with quality, reliability, and service. These key values include:

Worldly & Environmental Impact

Sustainability is a major factor for many businesses, especially those in the industrial realm. When working so closely with the surrounding environment and the environmental impacts that are caused by engineered machinery, it’s crucial to maintain heightened awareness and caution. By staying educated and up-to-date on the latest sustainable practices and potential environmental threats, Firestone remains environmentally friendly and sustains a low-carbon footprint.

Hitting High Industry Standards

In order to continue to maintain the most efficient, high-performing and environmentally sound facilities, the company has worked hard to accomplish countless recognitions, awards, and certifications. From stringent quality control standards like the TS 16949 Quality Management System Standards certification to environment-based recognitions such as ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standards, Firestone sets the bar high with quality and work.

Community Driven Commitments

As a Bridgestone America member, Firestone is a committed company in giving back to the community through charitable and philanthropic work. By maintaining the Bridgestone standard of not only building the best brands but the best communities, the company has helped national, regional and local communities throughout their facilities’ locations. Firestone is involved with numerous charities including the United Way, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International, as well as, the Indianapolis Zoo’s Oceans exhibit.


As the pioneers of many well-known and commonly used industrial products, Firestone covers a vast span of machines, equipment, and accessories. With their innovative growth over the years, they were able to expand on that initial Air Spring they designed and patented. Creating many variations and adaptable models of the original Air Spring, the team began designing and producing other products like automotive components.

Manufacturing & Industrial Air Picker

By blending the perfect balance of pneumatic pressure control with the physical attributes of rubber, Firestone was able to craft the ideal engineered air picker. The air picker is used to move objects of varying sizes and goes beyond the basic skills of other air pickers on the market. Due to its adaptability, this piece of equipment can handle a broad range of diameters, as well as, a range of pressure control allowing gentle pick up and drop of an object.

Airstroke Actuator

Actuators are a critical component of a hydraulic power unit and Firestone took the design under their wing in order to produce an even more advanced piece of equipment. With over a 35-inch range in diameter and the capability of withstanding 100,000 pounds of force, the Airstroke Actuator is efficient and powerful. Other beneficial nuances include side loading capability, angular capability, and is friction free.

From the plains of Indiana to the backyards of Tennessee, the team here at Air and Hydraulics Equipment, Inc. strives to continue to bring the best of the hydraulic and pneumatic products to your workshop. Don’t see what you need online? Send us some quick information on what equipment you’re looking for so we can further assist you or feel free to contact and visit any of our five Tennessee locations.