In 1928 NACHI was founded by Kohki Imura and was originally dubbed “NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP.” Thus began the journey of the young entrepreneur hoping to lead the world in manufacturing innovative products and services. The historical origin of NACHI’s corporate name is quite interesting and intricate, and shines light on their overall culture and execution of their production.


Who They Are

  • “NACHI” holds the power of representing a “strong entrepreneurial will.”
  • “FUJI” was chosen based off of a Buddhist scripture which describes “fuji” as opposites, such as justice and injustice. These aren’t two seperate things but are one and the same. This can be understood as the idea to comprehend objects, moments, obstacles from above and ignoring outside factors, take it all in stride as one.
  • “KOSHI” represents the area along the Japan Sea.

Trademarking “NACHI” as the official title in 1929, this manufacturing headquarters grew into a guru of the industrial world and continues to shine. The corporate mission strives to continue to contribute to the development of the world of product manufacturing. Imura based his company off of five main qualities which has created a powerful, trustworthy, high-quality brand.

Creativity – Creation drives development

By conquering the idea that creativity can cause a disconnect with productivity, Imura believes that true improvement and a “better tomorrow” will emerge.

Aggressiveness – Do your job with intention and determination

Plan, prioritize, demolish and conquer any task at hand. This could be designing the newest steel bearing or implementing a stronger pairing for the newest hydraulic flow control valve. Whatever job you have in front of you execute it with 100% power.

Globalism – Market beyond all borders

Understand and appreciate the world-wide market of products, services, partners, influencers and consumers. Embrace the sea-to-sea competition and utilize it as an asset, not a downfall.

Appreciative Minds – Gratitude helps you grow

Imura simply states, “Thank your parents for having given birth to you. Thank elders for their guidance. Serve the community in order to reciprocate its hospitality toward you.” Gratitude will take you far in life and business.

Human Assets – With the right person doing the right job, your company will prosper

Recognize a diligent, efficient worker in any regards with an objective outlook. Build a team of high-quality workers and high-quality work will be produced.


5 Gallon In-Tank Power UnitWe carry a variety of hydraulic automation systems developed by NACHI  including bearings, hydraulic valve pumps, cylinder barrel kits, external gear pump and numerous other engineered products. We trust the quality and integrity that NACHI produces and know that they will continue to innovate and develop top-of-the-line machinery.

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Saving energy and money is always a beneficial factor when choosing your next production unit or tool. NACHI provides a hydraulic power unit with an inverter that will provide exponential savings for your machine. Focusing on an energy efficient approach, NACHI’s power unit creates a low-heat, low-pulse power equipped for high-accuracy machine. Low input, strong output kind of deal. With reliability, simple structure and easy navigation and maintenance, this hydraulic power unit will use an average of 40% less energy than its competitor.

In order for any hydraulic unit to operate correctly, utilizing the correct pump for continuous flow is vital. With the consumer in mind, NACHI engineered the variable volume vane pump. Consistently producing highly efficient machines, this vane pump has a stable and adaptable high-pressure operation. As technology in the world continues to blossom, so does the evolution of consumer wants such as low noise within machinery. NACHI crafted this variable vane pump for your automation units to operate with minimal noise and vibration. By controlling the piston and bias piston stability, they were able to develop a much quieter pump.

Across the board NACHI delivers highly efficient, energy saving and easily handled and maintained machines. They continue to design, craft and manufacture hydraulic equipment, precision cutting tools, high-speed steel and more. Distributing worldwide and with growth still on the rise, NACHI equipment is highly recommended. Products like the NACHI variable volume piston pump will be the perfect addition for your units to eliminate excess discharge and save energy!