Oilgear has been providing high-power hydraulic fluid solution for nearly 100 years. Since 1921, Oilgear has pioneered many technical advances and operational improvements throughout the hydraulic power unit industry. Specializing in products beyond their well-known, successful line of pumping products. Oilgear engineers a variety of pumps, valves, hydraulic amplifiers and even custom cylinders. All of these products are designed to equip your power machine to be able to operate efficiently and effectively.


Who They Are

Just a quick 10-hour ride north of us here in Tennessee sits the city where Oilgear began – Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Back in the early 1900s, Oilgear started off as an offspring of a mining equipment manufacturing company. They began manufacturing a hydraulic press line, and the success swiftly came. In 1921, the company officially became its own entity and had been growing vastly since. This includes the survival of the economic downfall of The Great Depression of the 1930s.

Expanding their product line throughout the years to tend to a wider variety of industries, Oilgear became (and still is) a household name in the hydraulic power system world. Opening the market globally, they implemented business with Mexico, The United Kingdom, Germany and France (just to name a few).  Today Oilgear continues to expand even further beyond the geographical borders and technical boundaries. They now manufacturer an array of fluid power control systems and has fully-integrated service, training, and production facilities all over the world.

If their global reach and economic rise don’t shed light on their knowledge and quality of product, their certifications will. A big asset which Oilgear brings to the hydraulic and pneumatic system industry is the certifications they have achieved through their lifetime. They have committed to the quality of their fluid power systems and products by educating themselves. They have taken action on implementing the most advanced knowledge and development within their company. This has set their company above many other competitors and ensures their customers with guaranteed success of their products and services.

Oilgear continues to meet and exceed the industry standards of performance and has a history of earned certifications through respected associations including:

The variable- displacement pumps vary depending on your mechanic needs. Oilgear engineered adaptable displacement pumps ranging in circuit type, fluid type, and even port location. There are hydraulic system pumps with a modular design and versatile pump, as well as, specialized pumps that are incredibly responsive and high-speed.

Another critical component of all Oilgear hydraulic pumps is the low viscosity design. This pump design features allows the displacement pump or high-pressure check valve pump to thrive on more sustainable fluid power. These pumps can operate with your hydraulic system on low-viscosity fluids with high water content and fire resistant fluids. Keep your product functioning with energy efficiency and dependable operation by utilizing these pumps.

Hydraulic Power System Component: Valves

Control valves are vital when operating your hydraulic unit correctly. Oilgear provides their market with highly adaptable valves. This includes their globally recognized motion compensation valves. Catering to both gas and liquid media, these valves will add specialized safety and better control for the operation of any hydraulic power product.

For example, the company designed a product and leads the world industry with the production of their electro-hydraulic ARV. By pioneering the valve operation of motion compensation, Oilgear has implemented this anti-recoil valve (ARV). They also set the standard for control operations of tensioning systems and safety standards if an emergency disconnect sequence (EDS) occurs. The control algorithm within the motion control valve creates an ability to adapt and respond quickly when situations arise.

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