SKF Lincoln Industrial Inc

Lincoln Industrial has been a force in the industry dating back to 1910. Back then the parent companies of Lincoln were succeeding in two different continents. Lincoln Engineering in Missouri and Helios Apparatebau O. Wetzel & Co. leading the industrial market in Heidelburg, Germany merged together in the early ‘70s to establish Lincoln Industrial Inc. With decades of experience and success, the two companies blending their talent and work helped expedite their growth.

Lincoln Industrial

Who They Are

Starting with a whopping 700 employees worldwide Lincoln Industrial Inc. began its emergence in the industry with major advantages. Today they continue to lead the market specializing in lubrication and pumping systems for a variety of industries. This expertise began back at the beginning of the newly founded company’s history. They pioneered major advancements in the design and production of lubrication equipment, specifically starting off in the automotive market. Lincoln Engineering developed the first grease gun for lubricating mining cars. Fast forward over 50 years and the innovative approach continued to help the team make leaps and bounds in the industry.

Today, Lincoln Industrial still develops new and improved lubrication products throughout their globally located facilities. Serving a global market has allowed the company to stay up-to-date on the ins and outs of their specialty, as well as, hold a vast reach to a variety of customers. They conduct extensive research and development for new products and systems within their major development centers in the U.S., Germany, and India. By hosting their development facilities in these three economic powerhouse countries they also have on-hand access to global application solutions.

Product Design, Development & Testing

Due to their top-of-the-line development facilities, Lincoln Industrial is able to consistently execute new products. In addition to that, they also pride themselves on backing their products by conducting consistent and regular tests to existing products and discover new possible refinements. What really sets their team apart is the constant growth and increase in the investment in research and development. They bring in new systems and technology to broaden their ability to dig deeper into the preliminary steps of designing a new product. With tools such as computer-aided design (CAD), stereolithography prototyping and increased testing capabilities, Lincoln Industrial can ensure the quality of their products.

Not only do they have a huge reach with their development teams, but their design entourage also hails from a multitude of locations worldwide. The engineers educate themselves on the latest advancements and theoretical strides to be able to cater to their broad range of customers. They focus on solving unique applications issues or frustrations through the creation and expansion of a lubrication solution. By testing their designs in the toughest conditions they are able to be confident in supplying their customers with efficient and reliable machinery solutions. With a meticulously strategized design system and extensive testing process, Lincoln is always producing fresh design features for existing and brand new lubrication products.

Their top industries include:

  • Heavy & General Industry
  • Automotive Services
  • Off-Road Equipment
  • Over-the-Road Equipment

Lubrication & Pumping Products from Lincoln Industrial

The company delivers advanced lubrication and pumping equipment in conjunction with all industry standards and the utmost awareness of performance and reliability. This is a team of global engineers working in a continued cohesive manner to grow their success and customer satisfaction.

Some of their leading lubrication and pumping products include:

Grease Pump

This specialty pump was designed to dispense automotive grease. By incorporating an air-operated, double acting grease pumps, this engineered component is powerful and efficient. The Lincoln Industrial grease pump is adaptable and can be successfully applied to a variety of equipment. It has the capability to be used in a system with numerous hose reels and control valves creating an ideal pump.

Pump Bucket

Thanks to rugged 14” steel walls, a large NPT inlet for fast filling, an outlet for overflow working in flow with 2” foam follower, new vent valve and an improved, durable mounting ring this pump bucket is unwavering. The company engineered this pump bucket with reliability, productivity, and unparalleled strength so it can work with any hydraulic, air or electric pump successfully.

Lubrication Trolley

This new and improved lubrication trolley was manufactured to provide a portable oil or grease drum equipped for any automotive, industrial or machinery product. The design packages all of the essentials into one transportable lube trolley, allowing the accessible, convenient and effective application.

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