Dubbing themselves a hydraulic systems partner, Stauff engineers high-quality hydraulic components, accessories, and testing and analytical tools. They have blended talented, knowledgeable team members and the use of the most advanced tools to create reliable, durable and efficient products. They understand the importance of efficiency and quality, never compromising either. Stauff continues to grow and make a name for themselves within the fluid-power industry.


Who They Are

For over 40 years Stauff has taken on a leadership role within the hydraulics power industry. Focusing on a local market, they distribute high-quality products and provide outstanding service that meets all the needs of their customers. Meeting the ISO 9001 standards with every product, Stauff customers can be guaranteed that their hydraulic components will be effective and efficient. The company created a production line and routine that ensures fluid control and quality assurance for any clamp, accumulator, other hydraulic accessories and more.

Stauff has worked to train and implement a unified understanding of what their customers need and how, as a team, they can execute that correctly. They pride themselves on their ability to swiftly complete any project. If you are looking for a quick turnaround time, Stauff will get the job done. Their vigilance and competency have helped them grow and develop into the hydraulic system experts they are today.

With their team-oriented environment and customer relation priorities, the company has excelled in the delivery of hydraulic accessories. To further implement their customer-focused values Stauff offers excellent warranty options and works well with business policies and partnerships. Another way they drive this home is their innovative approach to customer demands. Stauff grows their company and in turn their customers’ businesses, by introducing new products and engineered repair tactics on a consistent basis.

Stauff Products – Hydraulic Accessories and Lubrication Components

Stauff specializes in designing the latest hydraulic components and accessories. They craft and distribute fluid-power unit equipment with high-grade care and extended reliability. The company is globally known for their quick, easy and a clean-system layout hydraulic clamps. As an environmentally cautious team their clamps are featured with noise and vibration reducers. This provides environmental protection.

Stauff Bolt Clamp

The bolt clamp was engineered to be convenient, efficient, straightforward and energy efficient. The clamp on your hydraulic system should be easily attached to the tube, hose or cable installation. It should also have a clear, distinct pipe layout. All of these factors are represented by the Stauff clamp. Each bolt clamp is thoroughly tested and standard approved by multiple international organizations.

Stauff Filler Breather Adapter

Working in correlation with your hydraulic filtration system the Stauff Filler Breather is designed to fill the ports for the power unit reservoir. With its innovative design, these filler breather adapters not only protect the reservoir from outside contamination, it allows a fluid, breathable operation within your unit.  This hydraulic accessory is made of aluminum material which makes it perfect for various hydraulic systems and creates a durable, energy efficient flow.

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