Yates Cylinders

Yates Industries specializes in designing and manufacturing fluid-power unit cylinders. They lead the production of highly effective and comprehensive cylinders; Yates delivers quality work every time. The company engineers top of the line cylinders and have been expanding their growth for over 30 years. They continue to develop and improve within the hydraulic components industry.

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Who They Are

William H. Yates II founded Yates Industries Inc. in 1972, with the intention of distributing fluid power products, and to be a dependable repair facility for the fluid power industry. In a short few years, the company expanded their production and became a full manufacturer of heavy-duty cylinders and medium-duty hydraulic and steel pneumatic products. When William H Yates III became head of Yates Industries in the early 1990s, he swiftly implemented a larger dream for the hydraulic production company.

This was the pivot that sent Yates Industries to the top of the chart for cylinder production. They relocated to a much larger facility in Michigan in 1998 to be able to meet the demand of their products and repair services. By expanding the size of their headquarters, the company was able to meet and exceed the needs of their customers. The growth did not stop there. Today, Yates industries have three production and service facilities. In 2007, they opened the doors to their Alabama location. Their newest home resides in Georgia where they began manufacturing the high-demand cylinders in 2014.

Yates focuses on producing the highest quality hydraulic cylinders and attentive customer service. They surpass numerous expectations with expert knowledge and reliable products. There is a dedication within the company’s team, and for over 40 years they continue to strive for higher goals and achievements. Dependability, affordability, and superb service are just a few key components of what makes Yates Industries the successful company they are today.

Other values and capabilities within the Yates company include:

  • Quality Assurance and Aggressive Testing

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Yates makes quality control a main priority within their production routine. They are also proud to be a company within the hydraulic unit industry who offers one of the best warranties on products (three full years on their cylinders). Also, as an integral part of their quality assurance routine, Yates cycle-tests every single cylinder they produce and/or repair.

  • Machining for all Applications and In-House Welding

The machining department goes above and beyond to able to provide resourceful repair and production facilities. They carry the means to be able to repair any size power unit cylinder from the most acute and largest. Their tools are equipped to repair cylinders up to 65 inches in diameter and a whopping 27 feet in length.

Yates certified welders are intensively trained and highly qualified in both MIG and TIG welding. By designing and building custom welding machines they are able to deliver consistent and well-executed welding techniques. The welding experts are also able to perform a bronze overlay.

  • Full- Service Facilities, Engineering Expertise and Inventory on Demand

By making landfall in three diverse states, Yates Industries can execute the build of any hydraulic cylinder you’re searching for with the highest quality standards and delivery. With the space and manpower they are ready for small, quick turnaround projects, as well as, complex, larger scale cylinder builds.

Not only does the company provide the facility and expert knowledge, they also stay stocked up on their inventory. Again catering to convenience for the customer, Yates maintains a vast inventory of raw and completed goods. Deadlines will be met and your pneumatic and hydraulic needs will be fulfilled.

Products: Fluid-Power Unit Cylinders

The correct cylinder for you hydraulic or pneumatic power unit is a vital component for smooth operation. As the cylinder works to convert fluid power into linear or circular motion, it allows your hydraulic machine to continue fluid energy and helps actuate pressure control. Yates has designed countless power-unit cylinders and each maintain key roles. The cylinders vary in order to be able to adapt and operate with various machines (size, purpose, power, ect). The company engineers three main categories of cylinders including:

NFPA Tie-Rod Cylinders

An ideal cylinder option for foundry, steel mill, plastics and stamping industries, the NFPA tie-rod cylinder was crafted to be able to a range of heavy duty to light duty hydraulics and pneumatics.

Welded Hydraulic Cylinders

Acting as the top pick for packaging and extreme milling projects, the welded hydraulic cylinders designed by Yates will provide perfect actuation for medium to heavy duty applications.

Mill Duty Cylinders

If you need an extra durable, “nearly indestructible” cylinder, the mill duty cylinder line is the one you’ve been looking for. With a high-load piston design and essential features like heavy wall tubing, induction-hardened and chrome-plated rods this hydraulic component was built tough. Made ready for any harsh, extreme environments and projects.

Not sure what kind of cylinder is right for your machine?

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Thanks to their expansion in 2014, the Yates facility located in Georgia is just a short drive from our locations in Tennessee. We are happy to provide you with some of the most durable, reliable and affordable hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in the industry.