Concentric Hydraulics

As a one-stop-shop for hydraulic gears and equipment, Concentric Hydraulics has put themselves in the top tier of the industry. With innovative approaches, top-notch manufacturing, and engineering and of course unwavering customer service, the company continues to grow, expand and advance their services.

Concentric Hydraulics

Who They Are

With a heritage dating back more than 130 years, Concentric has helped pioneer numerous industry developments and milestones. One of the company’s initial engineers began his work in the late 1800s in Germany. Through the years of innovation and product development, Concentric was established in 1921 in the UK. From there it was steady, continuous growth the international team of talented engineers. They were dominating the market throughout the 1900s and by 1948 from there new location in Germany the Concentric team crafted the first engine pump.

Over their lifetime Concentric has upheld customer focused and product quality values delivering the best work with each sale. Another priority is to remain sustainable through their growth and expansion They want to continue on an upward climb while maintaining “Business Excellence” with every action they make while optimizing on their global infrastructure and market.

Concentric Business Excellence

As a company with such a rich history and heritage, it’s critical they uphold a sustainable presence and standards in order to stay successful, as well as, expand. There is an environmental responsibility that should be met within each and every business and Concentric has mapped out the way they stay sustainable through their Business Excellence program (CBE). CBE is the company’s foundation which ensures a sustainable approach throughout all aspects of their business. This four-step methodology creates concrete standards that each Concentric team member must meet and if possible exceed.

  1. Plan
    The planning phase includes design and the communication process of clear targets, understood clientele and market. This is the initial starting point where the team of hydraulic experts map out the entire lifespan of a new process, product or educational milestone.
  2. Do
    Following the planning, the Concentric team can begin implementing any improvements, revisions, adaptations or adjustments. This applies to both hydraulic and pneumatic components, accessories and more, as well as, customer-service based activities.
  3. Check
    This is a vital step in the CBE program. During the check phase, the engineers gather feedback from the previous testing, the plan and do steps,  and of course, customer provided feedback. From there the results will be thoroughly analyzed followed by adjusted strategies/approaches.
  4. Act
    The final component of the CBE process is the actual formation of an action plan to then start again at step one. This method acts as a continuous process in order to funnel all products and services through the same standards. This way the environmental impact Concentric has is consistent, fluid and positive.

Hydraulic Gear Pumps & Accessories

Concentric has been a household name in the hydraulics industry for decades. The engineering company specializes in the design and manufacturing hydraulic gear pumps ranging in size, application, and overall operation. They are known to produce one of the largest ranges of gear pumps throughout the entire hydraulic industry. Hydraulic gear pumps are an essential component of a hydraulic power unit. Concentric has mastered the design, production, and application of hydraulic pumps. A few of our go-to engineered products include:

Rotation Hydraulic Pump

This compact, external gear pump model pumps fluids with high lubrication. With a wide displacement range and single, tandem, triple and quadruple configurations available, this hydraulic pump is a universal, high-quality choice. The best part about this hydraulic pump (like many Concentric products) it’s highly adaptable and suited for a vast variety of applications and markets. This includes industries such as agriculture, construction and automotive.

Rotary Gear Flow Divider

As a crucial pump accessory, the Concentric rotary gear flow divider is made up of unwavering cast iron materials with a ½” diameter shaft and high-pressure ability. A hydraulic flow divider provides a variety of beneficial uses applied to a single pump origin. This includes a high pressure function in which the gear flow divider intensifies the pressure when a higher pressure is needed but is out of the pump’s pressure capacity. It also can perform output functions among several units, as well as, can integrate the operation of multiple fluid power motors or hydraulic cylinders. Overall Concentric has crafted a top-notch flow divider encompassing all of the necessities and exceeding expectations by innovating strengthening adjustments and designs.

Compact Hydraulic Pump

With a bore brush design, unfaltering aluminum housing and cast iron end covers, Concentric crafted this hydraulic pump with reliable, steadfast productivity and flexibility. The compact makeup of the pump allows ideal suitability for a vast variety of markets ranging in size and industry. This includes markets from the agricultural and construction industry to aerial lifts and material handling. The compact hydraulic pump operation encompasses flexibility, reliability, multiple speed variants, low noise plus its overall adaptability makes this a top-choice hydraulic pump.

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