The Thurston Press Modernized

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Air and Hydraulic Equipment is pleased to introduce the new generation of Thurston presses. These presses take joint building to a new level, offering outstanding efficiency and precision.


HPU: 7.5 HP Motor with VDC Pump

Max Operating Pressure: 2000 PSI

Hydraulic Power Output: 2.5 Tons

Voltages Available: 220V 3PH and 480V 3PH

Electrical Cabinet: 24VDC

Overall Dimensions: 92” H x 52” W x 42” L

Approximate Weight: 3000 LBS

Max Operating Window (Without Tooling): 13.25”

Max Operating Stroke: 8”



Our Thurston presses have the ability to easily change out between all popular joint styles by simply changing two pieces of tooling. The upper tooling easily threads into the cylinder rod end. The lower spring-assisted tooling drops into the lower plate. The lower plate has a T-Slot groove to allow the addition of steady rests or guides. Our machines can be matched to your tooling or we can produce new tooling in-house.

Assisted supports rests can be easily added to the machines tables. These rests are fully adjustable in the x and y direction to accommodate a large assortment of shafts. The operator has the ability to easily rotate the shaft with the assistance of transfer rollers located on the rest. We can accommodate or rest designs to your particular parts dimensions.


A standard feature on all of our Thurston presses is the addition of LED working lights. These lights dramatically improve the workability of the press and improve user feedback and safety. The presses come equipped with two led strips located under c-frame pointing down towards the working plate as well as LED lighting inside of the electrical enclosure.


Cycle time has been dramatically improved with the adaptation of proportional valving on the Thurston Presses. During a pressing cycle the cylinder now has the ability to quickly extend and then ramp it speed down when it approaches the part allowing quick cycling and improved production. With the addition of a remote compensator, operating PSI can now be controlled simply on the HMI screen. This prevents having to manually adjust the power unit and provides a method of locking out the HPU relief preventing operators from manipulating the working pressure.


The joint build process is now easier and more intuitive than ever before with the addition of auto joint relief! With automatic joint relieving the operator no longer has to manually center the joint by rapping it against a brass block or working surface. After the operator has completed the installation of cups and c-clips on the joint they will initiate a flex cycle, which is selected from the HMI. This flex cycle extends a puck concentric with the joint bearing cups, once extended the press will cycle a specified amount of times pressing against the puck and joint. This pressing cycle will flex and center the joint so that it articulates freely.


Our Thurston presses use a welded machined steel c-frame that has been line-bored to assure perfect concentricy of the pressing cylinder and tooling. The standard structure consists of a 2” thick c-frame with 2” square tubing table. Side tables and fork pockets are both included as standard features on the press.


Distance monitioring is accomplished by using a double rodded cylinder hooked to a linear transducer. With this feedback we are able to set pressing distances as well as do not exceed ranges. Distance feedback allows the user to store multiple part profiles with custom pressing distances. These profiles can be easily selected from the HMI for the operator to run. Once the part is selected the operator simply has to actuate the press, it will automatically press to the set distance, if successful it will retract and allow the operator to rotate to the next build. If the press did not meet its distance requirement then the part could be determined to be faulty.


All of our Thurston presses come standard with machine safety standards in place. The press includes upper cylinder guarding as well as two-hand tie down controls for the actuation of the press.


Press operator controls are all centralized on a color HMI screen. From the HMI the operator has the ability to control the units functions including initial part setup and customization, custom part recipe library, manual actuation of the cylinder(s), and much more. The operators screen can be locked out so that no adjustments are made without supervisor approval. Data feedback is provided directly on the screen including pressure and distance monitoring, part recipe selection, cycle progress, and fault messaging.

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