Using Vision Systems to Improve Machine Quality

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How do you ensure quality in the production of every single item that passes through your manufacturing line? The answer might surprise you – in fact, it will likely be something you are already using to help make sure your machines are running safely and efficiently: machine vision systems. While most people associate machine vision systems with robot-run factories, those same machines can be useful in any manufacturing environment, especially when it comes to product inspection and quality control.

How Machine Vision Works 

Machine vision systems use cameras and software to inspect, measure and analyze parts on a production line. These systems are necessary in order for machines to have accurate data and maintain high-quality standards. The components of a machine vision system includes:

  • Lighting: Illuminates the scene or object.

  • Camera: Provides a lens and a sensor to capture and digitize the image.

  • Processor: Consists of an industrial computer with machine vision algorithms and artificial intelligence for analytics and processing.

  • Output: Data from the processor directs the machine parts and communicates information to torah machines and software. 

How Machine Systems are Used 

Machine systems are used within a large variety of industries to perform and complete various tasks. Here are just a few examples: 

  • Pattern Recognition: Commonly used in medical imaging, pattern recognition allows diagnoses to be made based on things like blood scans and brain scans.

  • Object Recognition: Recent technology for self-driving cars is highly dependent on object recognition as it allows for the cameras within the system to quickly identify objects in the road and avoid them. It’s also used for label machines in order for them to be consistently placed in the right area.

  • Materials Inspection: Using machine vision, materials inspection systems provide quality control by checking for flaws, defects, and contaminants. This can include things like inspecting pills and tablets during the manufacturing process. 

How Machine Vision Improves Quality 

Machine vision systems can improve quality in a number of ways. With machine vision, you can inspect your product for quality assurance purposes and make sure that it meets the desired specifications. Machine vision systems offer real-time scanning, which means that you are inspecting your product as it moves through the production process and not after the fact when defects may have already been created or occurred. Finally, machine vision lets you inspect your product for things like color consistency or weight measurements.

Tips for Using Machine Vision

To achieve the best results, you will need the right tools to get started. It’s important that your camera has enough resolution so that you can see all of the details of your part being inspected or measured. It’s also essential that you know where to place the camera so that it doesn’t interfere with the process or add extra steps for workers. 

All of these considerations should be taken into account when choosing a machine vision system because they will help you optimize your overall efficiency and increase productivity.

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