What You Need to Know About Hydraulic Systems

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When it comes to your hydraulic systems, incorporating high quality, custom hydraulic components can keep your business operations running smoothly. As with most things, not all hydraulic components are created equal, and the quality of these components directly influences how your machines and entire system operates. 

So how will custom pieces of hydraulic equipment actually benefit your business? How do these hydraulic systems work to increase profitability and efficiency? 

Here’s how high quality, custom hydraulic equipment can improve your customer relationships:

  1. Hydraulic Systems
  2. Longevity of Your Equipment
  3. Types of Systems

Hydraulic Systems

A hydraulic system is an operation that uses pressurized fluid to power motion. Within a hydraulic system, there are components that put the incompressible fluid under pressure. Because the hydraulic oil does not press into a smaller space, the force applied to it gets transferred to the other end of the area where the oil is. The pressure exerted from the oil moves a large piston that can work alone or with additional cylinders to move things requiring extra force.

When equipping a device with a hydraulic system, you can increase the amount of work the system can do without increasing the effort you put into it. Applied to industrial equipment, hydraulic power systems allow a small joystick movement to lift a tractor bucket filled with weighty rubble. Recent improvements made to hydraulic systems have only increased their ability to make today’s equipment capable of the heavy lifting on industrial sites that requires long-lasting reliability, power and control.

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Longevity of Your Equipment

When it comes to the longevity of your equipment, investing in quality hydraulic components and systems can influence the efficiency of your business. As an industrial business, mitigating downtime and optimizing preventative maintenance for your equipment is probably important to you. The right hydraulic systems will offer three main advantages when used within your equipment:


Hydraulic systems offer reliable operation as long as the system remains closed and the fluid stays free of contaminants. This is important for the longevity of your equipment as fluid contamination can destroy the integrity of your hydraulic systems.

Power Density

The output of hydraulics is many times greater than the force put into the system, reaching close to 7,000 pounds per square inch in some pieces of heavy industrial equipment. With your industrial business needs, having hydraulic systems that can perform well will be important. 

Versatile Control Settings

Innovations allow for hydraulic systems that move in multiple directions and have electronic controls. This means you and your team will have more control over your hydraulic systems to increase productivity and efficiency. 

Types of Systems

Hydraulic systems typically operate with cylinders or hydraulic power units. Cylinders are the original components that tend to be used to multiply force with hydraulic fluid. However, larger hydraulic power units can be utilized to increase the system’s work capability.


When using cylinders, hydraulic systems are likely to have a smaller and a larger cylinder. The smaller one has a piston for work put into the system, whereas the large cylinder also has a piston that moves based on the force of the oil. To allow for movement of the larger cylinder, the force applied to the smaller cylinder must move farther than the movement created by the output from the large cylinder. The amount the smaller cylinder must move is equal to a multiple of the difference in the area of the cylinders. 

Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic power units increase the capabilities of the hydraulic system by using a pump and pressurized fluid to replace the small cylinder. By raising the pressure of the fluid, the need for travel distance disappears, as is needed in cylinder systems, allowing for far higher output forces than with another system type. Hydraulic power units are often used on industrial equipment to achieve massive amounts of work and lifting capabilities.

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