5 Benefits of Regular Air Compressor Maintenance

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Just like taking care of your car or air conditioning unit, regular maintenance is key to keeping your air compressor running efficiently and preventing problems down the line. Whether you’re working in construction, manufacturing, agriculture, or a similar industry, an air compressor is a vital part of your operation as it’s responsible for converting power into potential energy in pressurized air, similarly to opening a balloon full of air.

Generally, depending on how often it’s used, an air compressor should be serviced each year or after running for 2,000 hours, whichever comes first. However, things like extreme weather and plant conditions (such as dirt and dust) can affect how often maintenance is needed.

Here are five benefits you should know about:

  1. Increase Efficiency
  2. Control the Maintenance Schedule
  3. Prevent Emergency Repairs
  4. Avoid Compressor Downtime
  5. Create a Safer Work Environment

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Increase Efficiency

It’s natural for your air compressor to lose efficiency over time as wear and tear occurs. As it happens gradually, you may not even notice that it’s not able to work as well as it once did. However, with regular maintenance, your air compressor will become more efficient and last longer as you’ll be able to avoid lasting damage.

Here are some signs you may need air compressor maintenance:

  • It’s louder than usual
  • Frequent overheating
  • Giving off excess moisture
  • It’s losing pressure

Control the Maintenance Schedule

With regular maintenance, you’ll be able to pick your next maintenance appointment. This allows you to pick the best time for service and guarantees that it fits with the rest of your schedule. You’ll also have time to be able to compare prices and services from different specialists instead of having to choose the first person available.

Prevent Emergency Repairs

If you have to take on an emergency repair, it can often be difficult to get it fixed in a timely manner. Depending on your air compressor, you’ll need to find a specialist that is able to work with that specific brand and has the replacement parts available. Needing to replace parts or the unit entirely is also a costly task to take on. A reciprocating air compressor can range anywhere from $800 to $2,200 while a rotary screw ranges from $2,700 to $7,500 and centrifugal air compressors can go from $17,000 to $90,000.

Avoid Compressor Downtime

When your air compressor needs to be repaired or replaced, it can quickly delay projects and cause unexpected downtime. For example, if you’re taking on a construction project that uses drilling machines and jackhammers, a delay in drilling can cause the next step in your construction process to fall behind. This pushes expected deadlines and makes projects more costly as they’ll take longer to complete. But with regular maintenance, you’ll know that your air compressor is reliable and give yourself peace of mind.

Create a Safer Work Environment

Not only do air compressor problems delay work, but they can also compromise a safe work environment. While it depends on the size of your unit, large air compressors create a large amount of heat and noise. If your air compressor regularly overheats and is unable to properly ventilate air, it can cause a fire hazard.

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Our team of certified air compressor technicians are here to provide regularly scheduled preventative maintenance to ensure your equipment does not endure any costly breakdowns or plant downtime. We can repair and overhaul all major brands or compressors and ensure that your compressor is up and running as fast as possible. We also stock replacement parts for all major brands and have air compressor rentals available daily, weekly, or monthly.

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