Hydraulic Oil Filtration Systems 101

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Hydraulic oil filtration systems are a vital part of mechanical systems as they remove dirt and particles on a continuous basis. Want to learn more about how they work? We’ve put together this guide to help you understand the basics.

What It is

A hydraulic oil filtration system is a vital part of your machine as it prevents various components from getting damaged by various hydraulic fluids and oils. They are installed between high to medium hydraulic system pressure rates and vary in type such as duplex filters and medium pressure filters.

Sources of contaminants includes:

  • Built-in during the manufacturing and assembly process
  • Generated internally during a normal operation
  • Ingested from outside of the system during normal operation

What It Does

As approximately one million small particles enter hydraulic systems each minute, they can easily become contaminated which can slow down the machine over time. Hydraulic filter systems are a cartridge like filter that cleans fluids moving downstream. They’re usually located in the hydraulic fluid tank and take out particles like copper and iron which leads to heavy wear and tear over time. Other continents include dust, metal debris, and rubber particles from things like hoses and seals. By removing these particles, your entire system is able to run more efficiently and will last longer.

Types of Hydraulic Oil Filters

There are various hydraulic oil filters you can choose from depending on your project’s requirements and the system. Some popular oil filters include:

  • Return Line Filters: These filters are often used in open-loop systems as they filter out the fluid before it flows back to the hydraulic system’s reservoir.
  • Pressure Line Filters: Pressure line filters use a bypass check valve which protects the hydraulic system and its components from getting worn out.
  • Strainers and Suction Filters: Located in the reservoir, these filters create a barrier which prevents various continent particles from entering the pump.
  • Reservoir Breather Filters: These filters are also located in the reservoir and prevent contaminant particles from entering the tank.

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