Benefits of Renting High Quality Air Compressors

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If time is money, then it’s no wonder that time lost to an unexpected industrial air compressor failure – or a last-minute search for a specific air compression requirement – equals less productivity and less profit. It is for these reasons that many companies who need a cost-efficient contingency plan rely on and rent quality air compressors.

Business Wire reported that increasing industrialization and infrastructural growth are also contributing to the skyrocketing compressor rental market. Its 2020 to 2026 comprehensive analysis and forecast, in fact, stated that “customers prefer technologically-upgraded air compressors as pneumatic power in the commercial sector,” and that this demand is only expected to increase.

Renting air compressors benefits your company in several ways, no matter your industry:

  1. Lower Upfront & Maintenance Costs
  2. Explore the Best Equipment Solutions
  3. A Backup Plan When Equipment Breaks
  4. Compensate for Higher Demand

Air & Hydraulic Equipment offers air compressor rentals at a daily, weekly, or monthly rate. Contact us today for more information.

Lower Upfront & Maintenance Costs

Not ready to purchase your own equipment? No problem! We understand that the best air compressors do not come cheap. And depending on your operation, a compressor of your own might also require regular or costly maintenance.

Renting quality equipment not only gets your job done, it also saves you money! With the freedom to rent, you are not tied to machine ownership payments or its maintenance responsibilities. And if you rent from Air & Hydraulic Equipment, especially for longer-term rentals, our air compressor service team handles any repairs that you might need.

Explore the Best Equipment Solutions

Find yourself daydreaming of what your operations could look like if you had the best air compressor brand and capabilities in the industry? Well, by renting, you can find out! Think of it like test-driving your dream car before committing to purchase it. For example, you can experiment with a higher-grade compressor if you would like to see for yourself what the equipment could do for your productivity.

Air compressor equipment rental companies also regularly inspect, service, and maintain their equipment. When you rent, you know you are getting the best in equipment solutions. Plus, you can rent a number of these top brands at an affordable price.

A Backup Plan When Equipment Breaks

When an air compressor that is vital to your business inevitably breaks down or needs time to be serviced, halting daily operations is not your only option. Renting an air compressor is the ideal solution to the perfect storm!

Even though renting an air compressor might be a temporary need of your company, this doesn’t mean the equipment can’t be adapted to your facility’s system and operations. And, if you find your first compressor rental is missing the mark, simply rent a different one!

Compensate for Higher Demand

Is business booming, or are you expecting an upcoming busy season? Rather than working your air compressor(s) overtime, renting an extra compressor – or two! – is worth considering.

Think of the benefits of renting another quality air compressor: productivity can be amplified, delays can be avoided, and downtime can be planned for your own equipment to rest and receive maintenance, among other things.

Speak to an Air & Hydraulic Equipment air compressor sales & service representative today!

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