Reasons to Consider Custom Hydraulic Power Units for Your Company

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A hydraulic power unit is a self-contained system that includes a motor, a fluid reservoir, and a pump. From food processing plants to military equipment, it serves a vital role in operating machines that require lifting, pushing, or pulling. Unlike a standard pump, they use multi-stage pressurization networks to move fluid.

By getting a custom hydraulic power unit, you’ll have more control over the unit’s features according to what it’s powering. Here are some reasons you should consider a custom hydraulic power unit for your company:

  1. Motor Size
  2. Motor Shape
  3. Portability

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Motor Size

Before talking about the motor size, let’s break down the main components found within a hydraulic power unit:

  • Motor: The mechanical unit used to turn mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.
  • Fluid Reservoir: Holds the hydraulic fluid used by the pump and displacement of the cylinders.
  • Hydraulic Pump: Generates hydraulic flow and pressure capability to the system.
  • Valving: Regulates the fluid direction and pressure needed to perform the hydraulic task at hand.

Generally, the power rating for a diesel or gasoline motor used with a hydraulic power unit needs to be at least double that of an electric motor for that same system. It can be measured according to horsepower, gallons per minute, pressure (measured in pounds per square inch), and mechanical pumping efficiency. Depending on what you’re using it for like a self-drive crane or excavator, you can choose a motor with a higher range of load, speed, or serviceability.

Motor Shape

Hydraulic power units can be built to have different shapes depending on the amount of floor space available to make it as efficient as possible. Having a custom shape also helps with access to things like plumbing and electrical connections. Another important advantage is that it prevents damage to your unit as it will have easy access to hydraulic components for repair and maintenance.


With a portable hydraulic power unit, you’ll have the ability to have reliable, steady power no matter what your working condition is. A custom unit allows you to choose the shape, size, and the amount of horsepower you need as they’re a self-contained unit. You’ll be able to attach a portable unit to a wheeled cart or have it be vehicle or skid-mounted. They can also be designed to be remote controlled so that you’re able to run if from a tablet or smartphone.

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At Air & Hydraulic Equipment Inc., our team is composed of technical minds ready to find creative solutions for your most dynamic fluid power challenges. We specialize in the manufacturing and engineering of hydraulic power units. We offer both standard and custom power units ranging from 1/2hp to 200hp motors, standard to 1,000 gallon reservoirs, pressure up to 5,000psi, and flow up to 350 GPM.

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