The Use of Hydraulic Filtration and its Benefits for your Machinery

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What is a filtration system?

When working with hydraulic power units and other industrial machines, a filtration system is key in order to keep your unit functioning efficiently and elongate the longevity of your hydraulic system’s life. We provide all of our Tennessee locations with not only top-of-the-line fluid power systems and hydraulic equipment, but also highly efficient and convenient hydraulic filtration carts and systems.

This filtration component is vital to avoid damage to your machines from oils or other fluid, usually caused by particles that work their way into the lines. To counter any contamination, the hydraulic filter cart will flow existing oil through a filtration system creating fresh fluid each cycle. Hydraulic oil is easily contaminated from water vapors to dust particles and everything in between. It doesn’t take much for severe damage to occur and cause some serious headaches and unwanted expenses. Keep your projects thriving and your budget on point with a portable hydraulic filtration system and strategy.


Key benefits of a hydraulic filtration system:

  • Convenience

One of the biggest pros of a hydraulic filtration system is its portability. With pneumatic tires that are able to withstand any job site location, this hassle free transportation makes it easy to filter your hydraulic power unit. Designed with ease in mind simply attach the unit to its correct power source, attach compatible hoses, double check the filter and allow the fluid to filter completely through. The process is swift, effective and easy to follow all benefiting your project and products.

  • Extended life on power units

The ability to keep your machines functioning longer is directly tied to filtered, clean oil. By investing in an hydraulic filtration system you can increase your hydraulic component’s lifetime. A filtration cart removes any particles from your component’s oil continuously and due to the double spin-on filter heads, it can filter a variety of element combinations.

  • Adaptable

It is understood that not all machines are created equal, and not all job sites are created equal. Locations change, needs increase or pivot, and machinery needs to be able to adapt to these ever-changing factors. A major benefit of utilizing a hydraulic filtration system is the adaptability to any hydraulic system from new condo sites in Nashville to farming in the Midwest, your machines can stay filtered and productive.

  • Testing and tracking of oil

In order to use a hydraulic filtration system correctly, you need to test and analyze the oil or fluid you are using. Testing the oil within your machines will allow you to determine what contaminants are affecting your machine and therefore guiding you to use the correct filtration system. If you are filtering your hydraulic equipment regularly you should be testing your oil correctly. By adding this into your project routine and maintenance you are now able to track any patterns, concerns or recognize possible improvements for the use of your machines and its oils and fluids. Although oil isn’t immortal and you will have to do a complete change of the fluid in your system, you will do it strategically based on specified need, not just a guess.

  • Overall efficiency and productivity

When tackling a job the main focus is to get it done well and get it done efficiently. Budgets are mapped, schedules are made and your systems should be filtered. It is a preventative process that will keep your hydraulic and automation systems functioning properly without slowing down when the job gets rough.

In the automation, mechanical and engineering industry if you have the ability to be proactive, take it. Reactive maintenance takes up valuable time and assets. By interlacing hydraulic filtration into your routine and work projects you are being extremely proactive. This preventative practice leads to higher quality productivity and execution of work.


What Air and Hydraulics Equipment Inc Can Do For You & Your Systems

The AHE team provides high quality hydraulic and pneumatic systems and we believe the benefits of a hydraulic filtration system will lead to the utmost performance from any machine. Looking for some more guidance on choosing the best filtration system for your niche and/or machines?

Send us any questions you have and our team of experts will get you going with the best in hydraulics and pneumatic systems!

Have an existing hydraulic system or automation product that’s not getting the job done? We are full equipped to take on your repair project. Check out a couple ways to have your machines serviced and repaired by Air and Hydraulics Equipment.

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