Industrial Lubrication Systems

Inadequate lubrication will cause all sorts of problems with your machines, leading to costly downtime and repairs. Items like bushings, bearings, chains, drive, spindles, shafts, or any object incurring friction requires grease or oil to prevent expensive wear and break-downs.

Automatic industrial lubrication systems ensure that all items are properly lubricated. They use less lubricant over manual lubrication, reduce maintenance hours, increase worker safety, and prevent cleanup costs. An automatic lubrication system is a centralized system that can deliver precise amounts of lubricant to multiple locations while the machine is still in operation.

ejector cart industrial lubrication systems

Common System Examples:

  • Circulating Oil Lubrication Systems
  • Oil/Air Lubrication Systems
  • Multi-line and Progressive Lubrication Systems
  • Dual-line Lubrication Systems
  • Single-line Lubrication Systems
  • Chain Lubrication Systems
  • Hand-Held Lubrication Tools
ball-mill industrial lubrication systems

Industries We Frequently Serve

industrial lubrication for industrial manufacturing machine builders industry

Industrial Manufacturing
Industrial Automation
Machine Builders

industrial lubrication for marine food and beverage pulp paper industries

Marine Industry
Food and Beverage Industry
Pulp and Paper Industry

industrial lubrication for tool and die aggregate processing metals industries

Tool and Die Industry
Aggregate Processing Industry
Metals Industry

Lubrication & Material Dispensing Systems

The Benefits of Automatic Lubrication Vs Manual Lube

Quicklub (SKF Lincoln)

Quicklub is a progressive plunger system using standard metering valves (6 thru 18-point divider blocks) to equally or proportionally distribute oil or grease lubricant to all machine points requiring lubrication. (Bearings, Rollers, Chain & Sprockets etc.)


Orsco (SKF Lincoln)

Orsco systems continuously or intermittently spray minute amounts of lubricating oil. The fine spray mist is excellent lubrication for high-speed machine spindles, drag chains or chain conveyors.

Centromatic (SKF Lincoln)

Centromatic is a larger system to lubricate multiple points simultaneously. Adjustable injectors allow lube grease or oil to be dispensed in the exact amount required for the size bearing being lubricated and also at a lubrication frequency to achieve ultimate performance and bearing life.

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