Hydraulic Pressing

Air & Hydraulic Equipment specializes in the manufacturing and engineering of Industrial Pressing. We specialize in hydraulic, pneumatic, and air-oil operated pressing. Machine design can range from simple pneumatic controls to complete automation of the total process. 

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Press Portfolio

We can custom design and engineer a press to fit your needs. We specialize in hydraulic, pneumatic, and air-oil pressing applications.


U-Joint Pressing Machines

Air & Hydraulic Equipment, Inc. is the source for hydraulic u-joint pressing. We offer many popular models including the Stunnley, Nunnley, and Thurston Presses. 

Stunnley Press

The Stunnley Press is a double joint build press. Bearing caps are pressed simoultaneously from the top or bottom. A feeder bowl or magazine loads c-clips to the bottom joint while the operator loads the top clip for pressing. 

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Nunnley Press

The Nunnley press is a single joint build press. A feeder bowl or magazine loads the c-clip while a bearing is pressed. 

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Thurston Press

The Thurston Press is our most popular model of joint build presses. The press has the ability to run multiple joint configurations simply by changing two pieces of tooling. Modern improvements include touch screen HMI controls and auto-joint relieving. 

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